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Difference between KOL and KOC


Be clear the difference between KOL and KOC to know which one is better.

Hellooo A-Listers!! Make sure you know the difference between KOL and KOC to know which one would be your target influencers. Lets gear up and ready to add new knowledge in your mind!

KOL stands for Key Opinion Leader whereas KOC stands for Key Opinion Consumer. KOL followers normally go up to thousands and millions because these people are actually celebrities, models and film superstars. Why are founders eager to have this kind of influencer to promote their products? Definitely it’s because people out there already know who the celebrities are and they love to follow everything that they promote and of course trust their review more than the owner itself. Just imagine.. We ourselves are likely following our celebrity idol for whatever that they wear, consume, or even what they have. This is what we call brand trust because people trust the brand even though they just see it on KOL/influencers’ social media without even trying it first. 

Other than that, KOLs review is deemed effective when consumers can identify a brand without being directly exposed to the name of the firm by using visuals such as logos, slogans, packaging, colors, or jingles that are usually presented by the KOLs. In the first place, KOLs sometimes will just give an insight about the product first before coming out with the product review as they wanted to attract their followers and gain attention for the product.   

Have you heard about UGC (User Generated Content) before? Actually KOCs are more preferably promoting a particular brand by using this kind of marketing. They will just post the brand and the product through their Instagram Story and give their review without getting paid from the brand owner. KOCs followers normally go up to 5K or lower but their benefits are actually on their genuine followers. What does it mean by genuine followers is the followers must be their family, their close friends, their close acquaintances and might be less of “ghost followers”. Apart from that, KOC usually have their own space to express their thoughts and some of them are actually bloggers and youtubers. Get it guys? Which one do you guys prefer? Actually you guys doesn’t have to think harder because The A-List Malaysia have a lotsss of packages that you can choose!

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