The A List

Get to know who are The A-List masters and what they do.


These enthusiastic masters are the one who will make your brand grow internationally!

Hellooo A-Listers!! In this segment we will introduce you guys who are the BTS of The A-List Malaysia! Not the BTS from Korea K-pop but the team that is loyal in putting their efforts to the best behind The A-List Malaysia in advertising your brand. We will start with the Sales Department which is the one that will engage with the client’s needs such as setting up the KOLs / influencers regarding promoting the client’s brand and also consult the clients to know their problems before they come out with any solution. Then, they will come out with what kind of method that is suitable for them and focus on how many platforms to achieve. Other than that, the sales will make sure to acknowledge the clients budget and their comfortability in order for easy management and finally set up proper planning for the clients. Actually, the sales department is one of the important and main people in this company because their knowledge is the best for the clients to know as they are very close to the clients itself. 

On top of that, the Operation Team is working closely with the Sales Team but what is the difference? The first step before the sales team goes out and engages with the clients, this operation team is the one who will do the sourcing. What is the meaning of sourcing here is they will search for Influencers and Celebrities that are suitable to do paid reviews. Got it guys? Then, they are responsible for preparing proposals for the clients but beforehand, they must go through the calculation process. This process needs to be done based on the client’s budget and influencers fee for promoting brands. Apart from that, the operation team also needs to stay updated with the influencers throughout the campaign or review process to check everything goes smoothly following the plan. For campaign wrap also will be processed by the operation team. At this stage, they will make sure all the contents follow the guidelines and posted on social media before the due date. 

You might wonder who is the one that takes control of the designing and multimedia part right? Of course we have someone that is very talented and creative which is under the creative team that liaises with the marketing team as well. He is the one who is in charge of designing the company’s logo, and also designing business cards for the company’s employees. He will make sure to come out with an outstanding design such as for the posters and other things related to post on our social media.

Now, let’s find out what the marketing team’s do in The A-List Malaysia. For you guys information, in the marketing team we have our content creator that is in charge of preparing content planning, shooting content, editing content video but the editing is mostly done by our video editors. What are they doing for editing? Is it an easy task? Definitely not at all because they need to stay focused even for a 1 sec time length to make sure there’s no delay, make it synchronize with wordings, the clear voice projection  and all. After all the contents are done, we must have copywriting isn’t it? Of course we do have a copywriter that is in charge of making the captions. Before making the captions, there are several steps that need to be taken by the copywriter such as doing some research that is related to the content. Copywriter is not doing the writing tasks only but they have a responsibility in educating people in order to make the audience love the context of the posting and give them value. 
Not to be left out, we are much appreciated and welcome for university students to do internship programmes here in our company, The A-List Malaysia. Hence, we have a few interns that give their best and be all out based on the assigned tasks. That’s why our A-Listers often say “The A-List Malaysia memang A lah”.

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