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Latest updates, news and success story from our client as inspiration and knowledge for us to read. 



Design Billboard

Let’s see how to design an attractive billboard for your brand!

Get to know Types of Influencer Niches before promoting a brand

Delving into the diverse world of Types of Influencer Niches

Radio Advertisement is one of effective marketing strategies.

Let’s make people hear your brand throughout their days.

Difference between KOL and KOC

Be clear the difference between KOL and KOC to know which one is better.

Get to know about Influencer Marketing

An excellent technique to advertise your brand is through the use of Influencer Marketing.


Ads Shooting

Behind the Scenes of Our Epic Campaign Shoot

Onboarding Session

Exciting Onboarding Session with a New Client!

Training Session With Sir Dharma

Monthly sharing session with Sir Dharma to polish our skills in Sale and Marketing.

Shooting With Our Legendary Dato’ Jalaluddin Hassan

The A-List Malaysia had a great time shooting with Dato’ Jalaluddin Hassan

Get to know who are The A-List masters and what they do.

These enthusiastic masters are the one who will make your brand grow internationally!


Let’s see and explore our unique culture here!

Receive Friday Reward from our boss!

Let’s see and explore our unique culture here!

The A-List Malaysia has a different and unique culture but why did we say so?


The Top 5 Influencers for January 2024

Yousaf, Farid Omar, Omary Nik, Wawan Foodie, and Oppa K

Aizat Saha

Collaboration Ease Nasal Gritz With Aizat Saha (Abang POV)

Farid Omar

Kinza Exclusive Baju Melayu” Photoshoot With Farid Omar

Top 5 Influencers chosen by The A-List Malaysia

Introducing Our Remarkable Top 5 Influencers of the Month!

The influencers / celebrities provided by The A-List Malaysia.

These are some of the influencers and celebrities that will promote your brand to the world!


Our client “Roaster Master World - Boneless Smoked Lamb Grill”

Let’s read about the collaboration between Roaster Master World & The A-List Malaysia.

Our client “Belle Exclusive”

Let’s read about the collaboration between Belle Exclusive & The A-List Malaysia.

Successful collaboration with another A-Lister / client.

Let’s look at our victorious work with Harvearth and their product, Lacma Moringa.

Here is our another successful client "ESKAYVIE"

Let’s observe our wonderful collaboration with Eskayvie!

The A-List Malaysia’s clients

Let’s look at our clients and their success story!


Malaysia Airlines New Uniform

Let’s read about Malaysia Airlines New Uniform (Modern Songket)

Sudden rise in COVID-19 cases

Let’s look at why the cases are going up & what businesses should do

“Attitude” is the primary element for an A+ Influencer.

Let’s look together what are the do & don’ts for an A+ Influencer!
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