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Farid Omar


Kinza Exclusive Baju Melayu” Photoshoot With Farid Omar

Hellooo A-Listers!!
In a recent and exhilarating collaborative effort with our esteemed client, Kinza Exclusive, we embarked on a captivating photoshoot session to showcase their exquisite Baju Melayu collection. Choosing to harness the influential reach of The A-List Malaysia, our journey led us to the breathtaking Setia EcoHill Park in Semenyih, a location that proved to be the perfect canvas against which the beauty of the collection would be highlighted.

The chosen influencer for this campaign was the charismatic Farid Omar, who effortlessly embodied the essence of the Baju Melayu by Kinza Exclusive brand during the approximately 2-hour shoot. The natural beauty of Setia EcoHill Park added an extra layer of charm to the visuals, enhancing the overall appeal of the shots.

This photoshoot signifies a significant step forward in our ongoing effort to share engaging content with our audience. By collaborating with popular influencers like Farid Omar, we aim to create visually appealing and attention-grabbing content. The fusion of cultural richness from Kinza Exclusive’s designs with the natural beauty of the location exemplifies our commitment to producing innovative and creative influencer marketing campaigns.

As we continue on this journey, we look forward to sharing more captivating moments and content with our audience, each collaboration bringing a unique blend of fashion, culture, and nature to the forefront. Stay tuned for more exciting projects on the horizon! 

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