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Sudden rise in COVID-19 cases


Let’s look at why the cases are going up & what businesses should do

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In the past few weeks, Malaysia has seen more people getting sick with COVID-19. This is a reminder for all of us, including businesses, to be extra careful and work together to stay safe. More people in Malaysia are getting COVID-19 lately. This is worrying, and it’s important for everyone, including businesses, to understand why. The government is telling us that it’s happening because of new types of the virus, more people gathering, and sometimes not following the safety rules.

To those who run businesses, there are things you can do to help. First, make sure everyone in your business (employer & employers) knows about the safety rules. Encourage them to wear masks and wash their hands often. If possible, let them work from home if any of them got sick and unwell. Many cases started from people around us as we are very close to each other in terms of working as a team. 

In these challenging times, it’s crucial for businesses to prioritize the safety and well-being of their teams. Embracing online meetings over face-to-face interactions can be a simple yet impactful step in protecting everyone from the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19. By opting for virtual meetings, we reduce the risk of potential exposure to the virus, creating a safer work environment. Let’s be proactive in adapting to these changes, fostering a culture of responsibility and care. Our collective efforts in choosing virtual over in-person meetings contribute not only to our immediate safety but also to the larger community’s well-being. Together, we can navigate these challenges and emerge stronger.

Facing more COVID cases is a challenge, but we can get through it by working together. As a business, following safety rules, supporting your team, and being a good neighbor are key. Let’s take care of each other, stay connected, stay safe and do our part in overcoming this challenge together.

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