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The A-List Malaysia’s clients


Let’s look at our clients and their success story!

Hellooo A-Listers!! In this segment we will introduce to you our clients that we could assure you guys already know these brands. One of our loyal clients is Kitsui Malaysia (beauty product). Let’s see the progress of this brand together!
Kitsui Malaysia started with a small package from The A-List Malaysia as they wanted to try our service first. Guess what? In just 1-2 months only, Kitsui approached us to get a bigger package because they loved the result! You might wonder what is the big package that they chose for their branding awareness right? Let me tell you and don’t be surprised! They chose to collaborate with celebrities! Shuib Sepahtu and Zara Zya have been promoting their brand with a high number of viewers and people started to recognize the existence of the brand and the products under Kitsui as well. They gained a lot of purchasing from people that have interest in their product especially their Bellos Fibre to reduce constipation and also Collagen product for a good skin. Their collaboration has reached about 830+K views. Guysss! It’s Hundreds of thousands, not just hundreds of views. That’s so wonderful right??

Let’s answer these questions! Their collaboration is high in reach? For sure Yes! Next, their collaboration has gained people’s trust? Of course Yes! Exposure? Definitely Yes!! Accelerate decision making? Yess yess!! People started to purchase and repurchase over and over again because they love the Kitsui products very much. This is the reason why we love Influencer Marketing more than the rest types of marketing because people mostly spend their leisure time on social media and keep looking for their favorite influencer’s update.

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