The A List

The influencers / celebrities provided by The A-List Malaysia.


These are some of the influencers and celebrities that will promote your brand to the world!

Hellooo A-Listers!! Have you ever wondered who are the influencers and celebrities that we can offer to the brand/business owner for their brand marketing? Actually there’s a lot more than you can imagine! 50 influencers? Nope.. 100 influencers? Oops nope.. Let us tell you okay? Here, The A-List Malaysia has collaborated with more than 3000+ influencers and celebrities to promote and bring awareness to the particular brand.

Are you guys familiar with these names? Neelofa, Fasha Sandha, Sharnaaz Ahmad, Izzue Islam, Emma Maembong, Bell Ngasri, Adira Suhaimi, Riena Diana, Ajak Shiro, Dayana Roza, and many more actually. Guess what? They have been collaborating and working with us for a long time and all the A-Listers love the results!

Wanna know their success story while working with us? For example the Eskayvie content done by Neelofa and her husband Pu Riz got high in reach. What does it mean by reach here? In marketing, reach refers to how many people have seen your advertisements or other campaign materials. Marketing reach assesses the prospective clients a campaign may reach, whereas reach measures your actual audience. Wanna know about their views? Of course, both of them gained a lot of followers and viewers, with Eskayvie’s brand receiving up to 1.4 million views due to her international fame.

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